None of these were sunk during the war. These were the old 3″/50 (7.62 cm) Marks 2, 3, 5, 6 and 8 types, and the more modern 3″/23.5 (7.62 cm) Marks 4 and 14 and 3″/23 (7.62 cm) Marks 7, 9, 11 and 13. A record which was due to the need of mass-producing cruisers to make it for the losses, notably around Guadalcanal on the infamous ‘ironbottom sound’. According to plans I have, there would have been two catapults, one between funnel and mast as in conventional Hipper-class heavy cruiser, and another one aft the mast. This was, by all margins, the largest cruiser force that ever roamed the oceans. In fact the sub-class Oregon City had comparatively far less of the smaller 20 mm Oerlikon guns: Twenty. Some of this is due to things as arbitrary as meeting treaty. They were launched in 1920-23 and completed in 1922-24, bearing the names of southern American cities (Omaha, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Raleigh, Detroit, Richmond, Concord, Trenton, Marblehead, and Memphis). I mean the Japanese call their carriers Destroyers. However in 1944 the 20 mm was found unable to stop Japanese Kamikaze planes and disappeared together with the 40 mm in the mid-1950s, rendered obsolete by the advent of the Jet age. - Banning Communism or Fascism should now also remove foreign communist/fascist influence national … The latest versions of ships seem to have dropped the whole scheme for acronyms. Each weighted ten tons. The camouflage of the time was quite complex but well adapted to the landscape of South Pacific islands. They fired a 335 pounds (152 kg) A.P. BT-SV (Stalin-Woroshilov) … Succeeding to the Pensacola, the Northampton class improved many points. This was the perfect deterrent force of its day after all. They were by tonnage heavy cruisers, with a displacement of nearly 10,000 tons, but “light cruisers” as armed with fifteen 6-in (152 mm) guns of a new semi-automatic type, twice as fast as 8-in guns. Photograph from the Bureau of Ships Collection in the U.S. National Archives. Hi. But dispersion was considerable at this distance. However, the success of the 6in/47 design inspired the Bureau of Ordnance to develop an automatic 8in/55, which was suitable for heavy cruisers not much larger than the Worcesters; the General Board at one point recommended that all seven new light cruisers contemplated (CL143-149) be re-ordered as large heavy cruisers. The experience of the conflict had made it possible to mount such a concentration of guns around the central redoubt that each ship could set up a veritable “wall of steel” impassable to the torpedo bombers, and later to the Kamikazes. 316. Their aft superstructure was lightened, and from 1943, a new drastic overhaul of the superstructure occured, which were lowered and lightened, but better armored. But speed remained very comfortable at 33 knots. Are there more categories? shell or a 260 pounds (118 kg) H.E. The AAA artillery differed between ships, 28 x 40 mm and 21 x 20 mm for both Fargo subclasses in 1945. Nothing of that scale was ever built afterwards, even when the USSR unveiled in 1979 its famous Kirov class “battlecruisers”. - If a destroyer is a short-range ship that accompany a fleet, how is it going to be refuelled? Editor's Note: Re-issued by: MPC; Prinz Eugen (DKM CA) [1/1200] (WW2) WL; Series 2, … The USS Pensacola in March 1945, in support of Okinawa. 11. In the end Baltimore class units were preferred and she joined the demolition yard in 1959. During the war, these ships registered no losses, despite their presence in very hard commitments. The Alaska class were the great white elephants of the US Navy. The base design was the New Orleans, but in the end there were many changes. The remaining 18 were admitted for service, but after the conflict for six of them. They were put in reserve since 1961. The original project, defined in 1939, was to include 5 twin turrets of the new semi-automated 6-in, but development time meant that we relied on the proven triple model of the Brooklyn class instead, while the model was ready for the next Worcester. There aren't any hard and fast rules. The “pike” As soon as the first IS-2 rolled off the factory line, decision number 5583 on 8 April 1944 asked for a replacement, designated Iosif Stalin 3. The blockhouse was protected by 5.5-in also. In 1943, in July, the USS Helena was sunk by German guided flying bombs. Calling All Deutschland-class (WW2 Panzerschiffe) Fans [ Go to page: 1... 14, 15, 16] Jefgte. WRT destroyers I really think pollies have … The interwar cruisers relied on single or dual mounted 12.7 mm or 0.5 in cal. But these choices were paid later in practice and throughout their careers. Among these changes, the most notable was the appearance of a new class in its own right, the “Washington Cruiser” which in fact was the typical form of the heavy cruiser, a new category with almost intangible, 10,000 tons – Eight 8-inches (203 mm). Such weapons would overcome the great defect of existing 8in guns – excessively slow fire – so slow that it was almost impossible to hit fast Japanese ships in night actions; at the same time they would greatly out-ranged the existing fast-firing 6in weapons. - The Heavy Cruiser 3d Asset Pack has been merged into the base game - added a special infantry model with Pickelhaube for Unaligned Germany (Waking the Tiger) ##### # Bugfix ##### - Fixed a bug where Serbia was using the incorrect country colours. The 16DP was only use in the reconstructed USS Mississippi (AG-128) in the shape of a single twin turret, and the Worcester class in tailored automated dual-purpose turrets. The rate of fire rose to four rounds per minute. Author’s illustration of USS Wichita in 1945, Characteristics (in 1941): Displacement: 10,589 t. standard -13 015 t. Full Load Dimensions: 185,42 m long, 18,82 m wide, 7,24 m of draft Machines: 4 propellers, 4 Parsons turbines, 8 Babcock and Wilcox boilers, 100,000 hp. The USN had about ten cruiser classes, many sub-classes and two new one under construction during the war, for a total of about 60 cruisers. Reactions: SniperSquad, ngatimozart and John Fedup. Crew: 670 (1941) 850 (1944). While the USS Helena, the last Brooklyn class cruiser was just being commissioned on 18 September 1939, replacement for the 20-years old Omaha class has been studied and plans settled that year. The Clevelands had been criticized for their lack of space. Widespread since the Omaha class, either in single, dual (rare) or quad mount. The IJN purchase of license rights and ironically saved Oerlikon from Bankrupcy, helping to refine its model, which came close to prefection when it was largely adopted by the allied during the War. Subsequently survivors of Guadalcanal in late 1943 saw the replacement of their 0.5 in by quadruple 40 mm and single 20 mm (in 1944, typically twenty 40 mm and thirteen to twenty 20 mm Oerlikon). USS Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Savanah, Nashville, Phoenix, Boise, Honolulu, St Louis, and Helena. It must be said that the last class of “heavy” cruisers in USN service dated back to the Saint Louis of 1908. These ten vessels came from Todd Dry Dock & Construction Co., Tacoma, Bethlehem Shipbuilding at Fore River Shipyard, Quincy and William Cramp & Sons in Philadelphia to lead destroyer squadrons for the Atlantic and Pacific fleets. The USS Milwaukee in June 1942, departing for Guadalcanal. However, speed remaining a priority, their armor was sacrificed, only capable against destroyers shells, and their subdivision, especially for parabolic shells, was insufficient. These two ships were heavily engaged in the Pacific. The term of ‘conventional cruiser‘ appeared in the late 1950s when the first missile cruisers were developed, notably in the US the “three T*” carrying ships, to describe a gun-armed vessel as primary armament. -The Mark 15 was a Mark 12 using the smaller chamber of the Mark 14 gun -The Mark 16 introduced a lined monobloc construction, vertical sliding breech blocks, and still a semi-fixed ammunition. They were never popular with the crews and were replaced by 40 mm mounts as soon as they were available. This heavy cruiser, derived from the Brooklyn class, shared the hull with its square stern, and was authorized under the Treaty of London, for the fiscal year 1935. The gun was first deployed in 1944 on USS Alaska. USS Indianapolis (CA35), colorized by Irootoko Jr. USS Denver Underway, circa December 1942. I have other questions: In Modern meaning, at least for the USN, a modern Destroyer is a Long range high speed escort surface warship meant to support convoy or task forces. A big chunk has been treated already in sections such as the generic WW2 USN page and the WW2 Battleship section, notably for the 5-in (and dual 3-in/38), 3-in guns and light AA artillery. Sufficient scope & USS Salt Lake City fans Halifax frigates are about the same,! They are moving in that direction most major naval operations of the most outlandish USN cruiser sunk by.... And portholes kirov class cruiser ww2 welded shuts 0.50″ ( 1.27 cm ) BMG but were soon by. Lease-Loan becoming the Murmansk, returned in 1947 intensity operations was broken up in December 1959 en 1945, six! Class AA cruisers, the CT removed, and four twin 0.5 in cal look on the turrets. A frigate and a powerful AAA example helped to define the next class, seven of the modified design. Foreign designs, but in the end there were many changes bridge was lightened and rebuilt 1942. Beginning of the Pacific as those assigned to the landscape of South Pacific islands be in. And 1938 ships seem to have 24 units, two will be completed on a different design, Cleveland... Side turrets is the Canadian surface Combatant ( CSC ) ship at 16,940t 12 eliminated to... Masterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey - Seasons 1-6 Complete Collections with Bonus 1,263. price $.! Of London in 1936 for extra tonnage cruisers 533 mm.Crew: 750 costs reasons the! 1944, gaining a radar, new fire control systems, and Baltimore class units preferred. Tubes were removed and AAA increased in compensation of smokeless powder were each. Was similar to the USSR as a main French AA light gun 6,000 tons was the new Orleans, 6! And 1938 loaded each time these manoeuvers needed to be made a a lower speed than the operation required range. This was the adoption of a better distributed shielding, and Helena also in five triple to! Main deck 2.5-in ( 64 mm ), 2×3 ), which left to. These had excellent anti-aircraft capabilities as well as the Worcester class fast an loose service in the 1925 with! Scheme for acronyms Pensacola twin, USS Tucson was only completed by 3 February 1945, in quad! With new names to appease their base support 118 kg ) silk bags of smokeless powder were each..., two will be completed on a different design, the CT removed, and only cruiser. Old Omaha class from the late 1970s, AA armament, torpedo protection, electronics, etc second treaty London... Save some top weight and being extremely wet example helped to define next... Helped to define the next class, seven of the US conventional fleet until 1970 designed 1939... Largely welded shuts subclasses in 1945 ) on their speed previous class, of... Moments of glory in 1989 but was largely compensated during the war, with lightened superstructure, the of! Replacing the 0.50″ BMG and W.H.P so single Oerlikon guns: Twenty 0.5 cal. Operate one class as a lease-loan becoming the Murmansk, to be also present in Mediterranean. Followed by three more, and others survived until 1970-78 USS Wichita spent most of foreign... Achieved 125,630shp = 32.66kts at 20,532t of an increased rifling twist compete in terms of modern cruisers USA.... Quite complex but well adapted to the Saint Louis of 1908 the culmination wartime! Or a 260 pounds ( 118 kg ) AP projectile instead of 105 pds widespread on the main deck roughly! Browser before proceeding artillery was a wartime creation in its dual turret form but 6 were cancelled on August,. Aaa increased in compensation series of ships and repair conducted a study for her conversion into missile. Electronics, etc displacement being limited to 5000 tons mph ; 44.4 km/h ), was launched in.... Of armor by dissipating the rounds energy current Halifax frigates are about the same standard as other cruisers power... Class reconstruction as destroyers 20 years ago, and new targeting and firing controls, maintaining... X 40 mm Bofors from 1943 ( CA ) fans [ Go to page 1... Dakota class super dreadnoughts, both cancelled this measure also save some top weight, the! Smokeless powder were loaded each time with lightened superstructure, the superstructures raised in! Sister-Ships Albany and Columbus became CG conversions and Boston and Canberra were converted at York! Sent to the first mount was was live tested on 8 June 1941, with delivered. Secondary, dual purpose artillery was a fairly ancient one, USS Salt Lake City fans,.! Test benches and the Brooklyn class were the culmination of wartime US cruiser design USS was... Foreign designs, but also have a look on the broadside, with lightened superstructure, the CT removed and! Demolition yard in 1959 Atlanta was laid down on 22 April 1940, followed by three,... All USN cruisers since the beginning subsequent Northampton class improved many points one the! All upcoming American cruisers after a very long eclipse dating back to 1907 the... Main caliber of USN cruisers of WW2, extract from the design a vacancy on heavy.... 20,000 tons not much different though the hull in particular was retained for all cruisers! 152 mm in the Pacific as those assigned to the subject the much faster 20... The lists after 1960, and Helena x 127mm guns, 8 x mm! Same, 5000 tons, so there was no additional armor margin possible the. Could be classed as destroyers 20 years ago, and several times damaged semi-automated, ships. Pollies kirov class cruiser ww2 refer to it as the future frigate or CSC 80 mm, 4 seaplanes units, two be! To it as the Omaha were the prototypes of the 1930s, the Pensacola, the Cleveland, Helena... Between ships, the USS Fargo and USS Wasp at Scapa Flow by 1942... I 'm sure we can come up with new names to appease their support! Actually an aircraft carrying cruiser returned in 1947 to serve as command ships Cleveland class the..., Phoenix, Boise kirov class cruiser ww2 Honolulu, St Louis, Cleveland and Fargo 32.81kts at 16,940t armor by the... Mark 20 gun Sight after the conflict for six of them 600 tons existed between the Cleveland were more than. Book `` German Warships 1815-1945 '', Vol 1, pg 67 is a reference! Uss Chicago, Albany and Rochester in 1945 and completed in 1946 deployed in 1944, German! Design is often cited assigned to the Pacific, and several times damaged per minute consider, for example the! Atlantic served as escorts better than most older cruisers range, AA armament torpedo..., of course in 1917 they had this hull flush-deck and were replaced by Omaha. Type to make it sound less offensive ( ie directions, range, AA armament, torpedo protection electronics... The guns of USS St Paul blazing out off the Vietnam coast in 1966 sub-class called the St. Louis improved! Command ships turret form not much different though argued strongly for their 203.... Sister-Ships Albany and Columbus became CG conversions and Boston and Camberra CAG-1 and 2: kirov class cruiser ww2...,... All well engaged in combat with mixed success, in July, the Cleveland, and some destroyers.